2018: Experience – Shelley’s Heart locative experience

Date: Launching October 31st 2018 and continuing throughout 2018. Official app launch at St Peters October 31st 2018 5pm to 7pm – see here for launch event details.

Time: Anytime. You will need access to St Peters Church Yard and be able to see your way around.

This locative experience from Bournemouth University & Doppelganger Productions links multimedia stories to Mary Shelley’s tomb.

Shelley’s Heart celebrates the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein by linking 4 story-paths to St. Peter’s churchyard, the site where Mary Shelley is buried. Debuting on the 31st of October (Halloween) 2018, this interactive, multi-media experience features modern versions of Mary Shelley, Lord Byron and John Keats, plus the ghost of Percy Shelley. Reality and fantasy merge within your smart phone as these characters confront fears and desires manifest as Mary’s most celebrated and ferocious creation, the Monster. Penned by 5-time Emmy nominee Bradford G, Shelley’s Heart combines video, audio, animation and Augmented Reality to bring these brilliant writers back to life.

Location: St Peters Church, Bournemouth. Map.

Cost: The app is free to download and access to the site is free. Details about how to download the app will be placed here when it becomes available to download.

How to book: No booking is required but please be aware of any other events that may be taking place within the church grounds when you visit.

Access to the venue: South door has wheelchair-friendly access, & in north aisle there is a wheelchair lift to the all-access toilet facilities. On all major bus routes. Nearest parking is Central Car Park on Upper Hinton Road. The story-paths are well lit. All involve walking up some steps. The Byron-path is a bit more physically taxing than the other.

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