News: Everyone loves a good story!

Everyone loves a good story don’t they? And no more so than Mary Shelley herself and her pioneering work Frankenstein which was published 200 years ago this January. When most people think of the Shelley connection, they instantly conjure up the creature from this series of films. But the Shelley family and their direct descendants did so much more.

The Shelley and Wollstonecraft families were at the forefront of the founding of women’s liberation, shaking up politics and free thinking and writing many literary works that are studied and admired to this day.

The Shelley Family ended their days both living and not (see history!) in Boscombe as great philanthropists, making significant contributions culturally and financially to the formation of the area and well-being of the residents living within its areas. Boscombe is where the last of the direct line of the family ended.

The Shelley Frankenstein Festival exists to tell their story, promote their work and inspire a new generation of creativity inspired by all things Shelley. The festival in a non profit community interest company whose mission is to draw together a broad range of organisations and individuals under the festival banner to create and promote a scheduled festival for everyone to enjoy.

During this 200 year anniversary, we have a huge range of activities lined up including live theatre, conferences, half term activities, films and celebrations.

Keep in touch by signing up to our Facebook group here for all the latest updates.

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