2017: Call out for creatives!

We’re looking for additional creative partners this year to deliver new and exciting events, exhibitions, performances and workshops. Could you help?

The Shelley Frankenstein Festival is looking for expressions of interest from local artists, academics and organisations who might be interested in delivering events on a voluntary basis at this years festival.

Background to the festival

Now in its second year, the festival takes place in and around the Bournemouth and Boscombe areas. Last year’s festival contained over 30 events appealing to a broad range of age ranges and interest groups. Our partners have included the Bournemouth Library Service, The Shelley Theatre, St Peters Church, The Shelley Trust, Creative Kids, Bournemouth University, Arts University Bournemouth and the Sovereign Centre. This year we’re looking to widen the net!

The Shelley Frankenstein Festival was established to celebrate the life and works of the Shelley family, some of whom lived in the Boscombe / Bournemouth area and many of whom are buried in Bournemouth. Their artistic, social and political accomplishments reverberate around the world to this day. The Shelley Frankenstein Festival aims to reflect this by providing a platform people to explore these accomplishments through art, fun, philosophy and reflection.

We are an umbrella organisation consisting of representation from many different organisations. Our aim is to curate and promote work and events under the festival brand to create an annual festival that will help make the Shelley family relatable to a new generation on a local level and promote Boscombe and Bournemouth as a Shelley destination nationally and internationally.

Could you be a part of the festival this year?

For the 2017 festival, we’re focusing on the real life family behind the fictional creature. We’d like to give Frankenstein’s creature a rest for a year and let him loose properly in 2018 when we’re aiming for a very big festival indeed! This year we’re looking at the Shelley family and the families that joined them. They were a remarkable set of families and their combined social and political experiences all came together to influence the work we know today … including the themes around Frankenstein. They were also a very forward thinking family and their work is very relatable to what is happening today when think around the refugee crisis, equality for women and even American politics! There are also some very relatable themes to explore for children around family, poetry and writing that do not have to be hugely connected to the darker Shelley themes!

What we are looking for 
Organisations or individuals with skills and connections who can produce self-contained and inclusive events of a high quality that will resonate with the programming themes outlined above. They could appeal to any age grouping.

What we can offer 
The festival can centrally offer marketing support, guidance and connections where possible to assist you in making your event as successful as possible as well as giving your work a possible future legacy under the festival branding.

What to do next 
If you would like to start a conversation with us about your idea for an event, please put a proposal in an email to Matthew at producer@shelleyfestival.org along with some information about yourself and / or your organisation and how your event would be funded. All proposals will be assessed by the festival committee and we will get back to you as soon as possible if we are able to take your proposal forward. We’d like proposals by 24th April but if you’d like to talk informally first, please send your contact details to producer@shelleyfestival.org

The small print
Your events must be funded through means which are obtained by yourself. The festival is not a funded organisation at present and can provide marketing support only. Your event may be subject to the need for Public Liability Insurance, DBS checking or risk assessments. The festival cannot be responsible for this but will assess your eligibility to take part in the festival based on the potential for these requirements and your ability to deliver these elements if required. Your event will need to take place preferably in November 2017 or the half term holiday in October 2017.

Image courtesy of Bournemouth Echo. Full article about the 2016 festival here.

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